Sometimes lists aren’t always helpful, but daughters sure are!

I have decided to approach blogging from a different angle.  I was almost horrified to see that my last post was on 6 December, 2012.  A very wise person advised me to not start blogging right before Christmas just in case I was already burnt out from a very long and challenging year.  This wasn’t the case.  Yes, 2012 had been challenging.  But no more challenging than the three years prior.  And I certainly wasn’t feeling burnt out about writing.  If anything, I had discovered just how cathartic writing is for me.  However I started a very bad habit, which at first I thought was a very good habit.  I began a list of diabetes-related thoughts and feelings I was planning to write about.  This list now contains 24 solid ideas.  But that’s where it stopped.  Once the topic entered “the list”, I forgot about it!  It was as if once I physically wrote about the idea, my ‘idea expression’ had been achieved and I moved on.  And my blog followers missed out.  So I’m not going to keep that list going.  Instead, I am going to log on to my blog and write a post when a thought or feeling hits me, (and of course when I’m near a device and I have some time).  This means that my future posts will most likely be shorter and sweeter than my previous posts… just like me, really!

So this morning was interupted by diabetes in a very annoying way.  This doesn’t normally happen.  I have formulated a way to maintain a safe and steady BGL while getting ready for the day, which usually includes getting three and half people ready & out the door.  (The ‘half’ being BobCat who often refuses to hit the pavement when he knows we’ll be away from the house for most of the day.)

I woke up with high BGL of 15.4 mmol/L.  (That may, or may not be directly related to the leftover Christmas chocolates I ate on my way to bed after the #OzDOC TweetChat.)  Normally I would have only given myself 50% of the pump-recommended correction bolus, because somewhere between getting out of bed and getting out of the shower I become very insulin sensitive. For whatever reason this morning I didn’t.  I gave myself the full correction bolus and it all went downhill from there into a very yucky hypo

Ordinarily I would have sat down for 5 – 10 minutes to treat this hypo.  However this morning I didn’t have any symptoms.  I quickly became irritated by small and insignificant happenings.  (Irritation is becoming a common hypo symptom for me, but is usually only recognised by other people who know me quite well.)  My cheeky 21-month-old-teething Jarrah didn’t want to eat his breakfast; not a new thing but I got angry as if he’d been sitting there for days with a sloppy bowl of Weetbix & milk in front of him.  My brilliant 7-year-old-wise-beyond-her-years Aspen had hidden the tv remote from Jarrah.  When I studpidly decided that ABC For Kids might distract Jarrah into eating breakfast, I got angy at Aspen for doing that, when I really should have gotten angry at myself for even wanting to turn the television on; a big no-no in our house in the mornings.  Then I nearly threw BobCat out the window when he jumped on my bed, dripping wet from being out in the rain.  He’s an animal; what does he know about clean sheets and a freshly made bed?

I’m pretty sure there were several more scenarios like that.  Popping up randomly like those wicked bombs in Fruit Ninja.  And it wasn’t until Aspen asked, “Mummy, do you need to eat some jelly beans this morning?” that those ‘bombs’ stopped going off.  I stopped.  I ate.  I recovered.

I thank my lucky stars that Aspen truely is wise-beyond-her-years and knows when to step up and help me treat a hypo like that one.  Even if it was just because she was sick of being yelled at!


6 thoughts on “Sometimes lists aren’t always helpful, but daughters sure are!

  1. I know that feeling well Kim – my child (now 11) often asks me if I’m having a hypo when I’m cranky lol. Your blog brought tears to my eyes. Also, loving your idea of writing short/sweet ones just like you x

  2. 1type1 says:

    Thanks, Sally 🙂

  3. ABCanet says:

    A fistful of chocolates before bed? That’ll definitely account for the high BSL in the morning. Which reminds me that I haven’t even opened any of my Christmas chocolates, yet. Easter will come and go before they get polished off. 🙂

    • 1type1 says:

      Hey Andy! I wouldn’t call it a “fistful”… but yes, I should have bolused 🙂 Let me know if you need any help with managing your chocolate stores!

  4. Sorry about the low. That’s so frustrating sometimes.

    As far as the list – I like the decision you made. Just log on and let the idea pour out. Blog are good for that. 🙂

  5. 1type1 says:

    Thanks, Scott. “Let the idea pour out”… I LOVE the sound of that 🙂

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