Wordless Wednesday #3


On a movie date with my husband, Paul today. I told diabetes and healthy eating to “take a hike”, and I ate a box of popcorn for lunch!


4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #3

  1. ABCanet says:

    What a funny coincidence? What movie did you see?
    I only ask, because I also happened to go the movies today (13/2) at Village Knox to see ‘Lincoln’. Didn’t eat a box of popcorn, though, I did treat myself to a ‘choc-top’. I can’t think what made me say all that! I can’t even remember the last time I had a choc-top at the movies. But, I guess what, with this my first time at the movies with this new ‘thingamajig’.

  2. 1type1 says:

    We saw Zero Dark Thirty… a very thought provoking film. I also want to see Lincoln, although I have heard mixed reviews. What did you think? PS. How much easier is it to sneak in a treat with a magical-bolusing-wizard-of-a-pump? 🙂

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