What’s in a name, Mummy?

I wanted to share a gorgeous stage that my son, Jarrah is going through. Being 22 months old, his language skills are developing at a very rapid rate. In the past three weeks, he has progressed from using sounds to represent items or actions, to stringing together two and three word sentences. Amazingly, he is also able inject a bit of humour into the task and mispronounce certain words, just to make us laugh. And boy do we laugh… so the encouragement to continue is there!

Jarrah enjoying a milk drink... and being cheeky!

Jarrah enjoying a milk drink… and being cheeky!

Up until very recently, Jarrah hadn’t called me Mum or Mummy. On the quiet, I did get a little upset. He had managed “Daddy” for Paul, “Big Sissy” and “Appy” for Aspen, and “Bobba” for BobCat, (the family cat). Sometimes he was calling me Daddy. I honestly thought that Mummy was supposed to be one the easiest and first words a child would say. Especially over Big Sissy and Bobba! I also expected that Jarrah would say Mummy first because Aspen did. And in fact, she called Paul, “Two Mummies” for a time. That was my biggest mistake; I developed an expectation. If there is one thing I have learnt about parenting, it’s to suspend the desire to have expectations of your children.


About four months ago, Jarrah called me, “Mumper”.

To any person who is not familiar with the world of diabetes, this will mean nothing but a confusion of letters in a child’s language development. But to those who are, it may make a little sense. Especially women who have diabetes, an insulin pump and children.

Jarrah had merged “Mummy” and “Pumper”. I can only imagine he did that because that was how he saw me and it was my point of difference from the other people close to his heart. From the very beginning of his glorious life, I have allowed him to explore my insulin pump when ever he wanted to and it was convenient. Paul and I pride ourselves on helping to create awareness of my diabetes in our children. Diabetes is not going away any time soon, so we figure the sooner they understand things like the fact that jelly beans are a treatment and not a lolly in our house, the better.

I am, however, quite happy to report that he called me Mummy the other day! And then proceeded to ask to see my Pumper, also.

It was a timely reminder that my husband and children have never known me without my diabetes tagging along. And for the first time in my life, I actually don’t think it’s such a bad thing. I’m getting the hang of demanding that diabetes makes an about-face and helps to create positivity in my life.

In our lives.


6 thoughts on “What’s in a name, Mummy?

  1. GeorgieP says:

    Oh my goodness, that is adorable! You’re Kim “Mumper” Henshaw in my phone from this day on!

  2. I love this! Kids add so much fun to life (they add lots of other crap too, but that’s alright).

  3. Fraudster says:

    Cute. Do remember my son, aged about 3, deciding that treatment or no, he was stealing my jelly beans. Got a pick of him with jbs all round his mouth!

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