DBlog #7 – Spread the Love

DBlog Week 2013 Banner

This is the part where I am supposed to name three different bloggers or posts as my newly discovered or favourites from Diabetes Blog Week 2013.  I’m really not sure how I can do this fairly and I’m a little uncomfortable, so I thought I might come at it from a slightly differently angle. I usually play by the rules and occasionally use a bit of poetic license here and there, so this is a little different for me. Before I go on I need to say one thing; I think that every member of the Diabetes Online Community who blogs and / or shares snippets of their life with diabetes is courageous, generous and amazing.  #enoughsaid

I’m going to name some blogs that I like the title of. I found this to be one of the hardest aspects of blogging; the start-up phase. I’m all for making good first impressions. When I meet people for the first time I know that by being genuine and authentic, all will be well. It was really difficult to translate that into the title of my blog. How do I represent myself and my writing genuinely and authentically? By calling my blog 1 Type 1 of course! I also like a decent play on words.

Here is a list of my favourite blog titles from Diabetes Blog Week this year.  I can relate to these in some way, shape or form, however I make no comment on the content of these blogs, (although I’m sure they are great!)

1. Alecia – SurfaceFine

2. Allison Nimlos – The Blood Sugar Whisperer

3. Brian – (Buzz Buzz) Not My Cell

4. Carey Tarr – Diabetsy

5. Heidi – The D-Log Cabin

6. Joanne – Death of a Pancreas

7. Rachel Lamb – Diabordinary

8. Reva – TypeONEderful

For more information on Diabetes Blog Week 2013, this topic or how to get involved, click here!


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