And I thought scar tissue was sneaky!

I have had trouble with my insulin pump infusion sites lately.  To the point where I thought I might have to review my entire diabetes management strategy; something I don’t feel I have time to do well right now!  I was experiencing fluctuating blood sugar levels at times when I wouldn’t have ordinarily anticipated them to happen.  Yes; I expect them to fluctuate after a few cheeky cocktails and a night out dancing.  No; I don’t expect them to fluctuate after eating a measured serve of brown rice for lunch following a tidy dual wave bolus.

As one would expect, I have developed quite a bit of scar tissue on my abdomen after ten years of pumping and bearing two children.  The evidence has always been visible so I have managed to locate healthy tissue by siting away from stretch marks and little white circles where infusions sites have been inserted before.  Unfortunately my visual checks are no longer enough.  I’ve started using my sides and my back because my abdomen has just grown tired.  Bam;  unanticipated glycaemic excursions gone!  (Note to any company that makes alcohol swabs.  If you can come up with a formula to highlight hidden scar tissue on application, you’ll make millions.  I copyright and patent that!)

Just when I thought my infusion site woes were over, this started happening:

Site peel

To the untrained eye it may mean nothing.  To me, it meant hassle.  The adhesive started peeling away within 24 hours of insertion.  My sites had always lasted longer than that.  Always.  (Unless I got myself all spray-tanned up for a special occasion, of course!)  So again, I went through all the steps in my routine that may be causing this to happen over and over.  Nothing.  Not one iota of a hint… until I started to think outside the box.  And this loomed up over the horizon:


I had recently changed my daily moisturiser to combat the dry skin I get over winter and because of my bothersome under active thyroid.  This was my product of choice because I found that I could skip a day here or there and my skin still felt good.  What I didn’t realise was that the moisturiser was actually leaving a residue on my skin which interfered with my infusion sites sticking and staying stuck.  Well duh, “Felt For Up To 7 Days” means something in this situation, doesn’t it?

Diabetes beat hypothyroidism this time.  But I suppose I should have expected that.


5 thoughts on “And I thought scar tissue was sneaky!

  1. sandra Leone says:

    Great article Kimmy.

  2. Ah! Good catch on the lotion! Sometimes the things seem so unrelated, don’t they?

  3. ABCanet says:

    I am so glad I caught this article, because I desperately need something like that for my hands. They are incredibly sore, dry, red, cracked, and did I mention sore and I’m at a loss as to why.

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