My dawn phenomenon

It seems as though the mornings of my days of work are when things can go incredibly pear-shaped for me.  I’m not entirely sure why.  I am a morning person.  I function well.  I’m organised.  I have a sound routine with the flexibility-factor built-in.  I can even do it all without the assistance of caffeine… but only just!

20130619-203025.jpgI wasn’t actually going to blog about this incident today until I felt the need to have a bit of a rant after seeing this…

Normally I wake up at 6am.  I get myself ready.  I wake the kids up at 7am.  I get them ready.  We leave the house at 8am.  I do the day care and school drop off.  I get to the office at 9am.  Unless a spanner gets thrown in the works.

Unusually, our two-year old son, Jarrah woke crying at 6:30am.  I leapt out of the shower, threw some clothes on and tended to him.  I forgot to grab my pump as I flew across the hall and into his room, but I didn’t think much of it at the time.  After phaffing around a bit, I got Jarrah dressed and ready for the day.  He then decided to launch an attack of hugs and kisses on his quietly slumbering big sister, Aspen.  After sorting out that little spat, I got back to my bedroom to continue getting myself ready.

After reconnecting my pump I realised I’d been disconnected for an hour.  No problem; I’ll just prime a few units through to catch up.  Great idea in theory.  The all too familiar “No Delivery” alarm sounded and on further investigation I found the reservoir to be empty.  Immediately I hear another alarm of the kid variety; they are at it again.  My attention is diverted to them for another 15 minutes which meant another 15 minutes without insulin.

Finally we make it out the door after several more “non-routine” happenings.  Pump refilled.  Breakfast snack in satchel.  Kids dropped off on time.  Drive to work re-routed to include a drive through coffee.  Fortunately I forgot to put perfume on as I managed to spill coffee down my front.  Scent of the day, you ask?  Stretch flat white with one sugar.

One would assume that after a correction with my breakfast bolus, my BSL would stabilise.  Well… one would be wrong.  I forgot to bolus, period!  So that’s why I ended up at 24.6 mmol/L with a foul taste of hyperglycemic-thirst in my mouth and an exploding bladder by 11am!

Some mornings are just like that.  Some mornings would be easier without having to factor in diabetes.  But then again, some mornings I’m just grateful I get to see the sunrise on my home that is bursting with love and chaos.  Always.


6 thoughts on “My dawn phenomenon

  1. Oh my goodness, you certainly had a wild and crazy morning! I think my blood sugar went up just reading about all of that chaos.

  2. Bruno Karlin says:

    on those sorts of days I just tell myself that going high is not a drama, compared to going low…

  3. Matt Cameron says:

    I love this post (albeit sorry it led to a 24.6) because it just sums up how crazy some mornings can be and what impact even a few things out of the ordinary can have on diabetes “management”.

    Being in the 20.0’s is the worst!

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