It’s National Diabetes Week, 2013!

And I bet only people affected by diabetes took notice of the blog title…

MediaDuring our weekly Oz Diabetes Online Community Twitter chat last night we discussed National Diabetes Week and diabetes awareness campaigns in general.  There was a lot of tension in our “virtual room”, but not the sort that was directed at one another.  It was more a general sense of frustration.  In our collective humble opinions, diabetes awareness campaigns don’t achieve what we want them to achieve.  Some people voiced their concern over too much attention being given to people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.  Others were disheartened when the media simply got things wrong.  But one thing was for sure; we were all feeling like we were the only ones paying any attention to the key messages of National Diabetes Week.

If I have been clever enough to attract readers who don’t have diabetes, you can find a summary of the main purpose and activities of National Diabetes Week in Australia, 2013 here.  There are some graphic images and messages that may not make a lot of sense to the uninitiated or overseas guest.  Either way, Diabetes Australia are making a call to action leading into the up and coming Federal Election.  They want a new diabetes strategy.  And they want it now.  I blogged about it a couple of weeks ago here.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation probably do a better job at covering the issues of concern to me.  But that’s because I have type 1 diabetes.  The CEO, Mike Wilson recorded an open letter.  I like it.  It speaks to me and so many of my friends living with type 1 diabetes.  All we ask is for the media to get the facts straight as a form of support for us doing our best to look after our health; day in and day out.  And look; the good people at JDRF have made it even easier by putting together a toolkit to help the media get it right!  In their latest survey, “Type 1 Diabetes in the Media” JDRF uncovered some key statistics;

93.6% of respondents felt that television, print, and radio media did not correctly distinguish between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

83.9% of people list websites of diabetes charities as their most trusted information source

Nearly 68% of respondents said that they visited a diabetes related blog, forum, or online group (e.g. Facebook groups) for information and support.

People are using social media to connect with others living with type 1 diabetes (58.5%), as well as get reputable information straight from the source (63.9%).

Over 90% of respondents felt excited and inspired about positive news stories about people living healthily and happily with type 1 diabetes and research developments.

I have just been interviewed and photographed by our local newspaper, The Geelong Advertiser.  Let’s see how they go with representing me, my type 1 diabetes and my community!

Oh! And a very happy National Diabetes Week to you 😉


10 thoughts on “It’s National Diabetes Week, 2013!

  1. Totally get that! I’ve had 4 interviews this week, and it was really only the radio one that allowed me to make my points clearly as it was unedited. Sorry I missed the #OzDOC chat, but I was busy talking it up at a function with Jack Newton, the one armed golfer who has diabetes as the keynote speaker 🙂

    • 1type1 says:

      Wow! You’re such a busy woman 🙂 Thank you do much for your ongoing support & commitment to our community. Together we fight a good fight, don’t we?! xx

  2. Matt Cameron says:

    Good post mate. I’ve often thought that a joint JDRF/DA campaign is probably the best way to get a really comprehensive, representative and widely supported campaign. I know this is perhaps unlikely, but could theoretically get a great outcome where parents of kids with type 1, adults with type 1 and people with type 2 all feel like their issues and needs are reflected.

  3. Brooke :) says:

    So true, I don’t even bother getting angry at the medias stupid portrayals anymore. I think Da vic has gone about this campaign in the wrong way

    • 1type1 says:

      I’ve definitely seen worse, Brooke! Some days we just have to put our blinkers on, don’t we? Thanks for reading & contributing 🙂

  4. Gail Grogan says:

    A separate awareness week for Type 1 would be better. Also, not sure if anyone saw the programme where 2 advertising companies were vying for an awareness campaign for JDRF in the USA. They went for the soppy one.- the other one was with the slogan 1 Less Prick – now that would get everyone’s attention – but I don’t think the wowsers would let in on advertising billboards – but hey I say why not!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for all that you do,Kim!

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