I will be a TYPE NONE!

A very good friend at work sent me an email yesterday.  It went like this.


It takes a bit for an ad to impress me these days but this one did.

I was equally impressed!  Please watch it if you haven’t already.  I’d love to hear how it made you feel.  This is how it made me feel.


The first part where the screen is dark and the text is rolling upwards is like how I would feel if I replayed every negative comment I’ve heard about type 1 diabetes since I was diagnosed nearly 27 years ago.  Or every negative action committed against me as a person living with type 1 diabetes.  Or every set back I’ve experienced in my diabetes management despite my best efforts.  Just like those waves that come up out of nowhere when you’ve swum a bit too far into the ocean.  It takes all your strength to recover from being dumped on by the last wave and to prepare for the one that is pulling at your legs under the surface.  You know the next one is coming and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.  Except trying to take in as much oxygen as possible and tread that water like you’ve never treaded before.

And then there’s a break in the set and the waves ease…

Sunsine Ocean

You can hold your head and shoulders above the waterline, feel the sunshine on your face and spot your companions on the shore.  That’s how I feel when the text starts rolling in reverse and the screen and text lighten in the ad.  All of those negative experiences as a person living with type 1 diabetes melts away.  I know I’m safe and I can relax because a cure is on its way and all the hard work I put into living well with type 1 diabetes is for a fixed period of time only.


I’m a supporter of www.jdrf.org and www.jdrf.org.au


8 thoughts on “I will be a TYPE NONE!

  1. diabordinary says:

    Wow, such a great video! Pretty much what you said Kim.

  2. Meg says:

    I thought it was so clever and I felt quite inspired by it! I also feel great that JDRF is my charity of choice. Very well written again Kim! Bring on gatherings of type nones xx

  3. surfacefine says:

    We are so in sync on this. I have a guest post today that references the same thing! Great minds think alike and hopefully hope is contagious! xo

  4. ABCanet says:

    What a brilliant video! Clever in its simplicity.

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