Head down, bum up

I have had my head down, bum up in the real world over the past few months;  I have achieved a lot and I am super proud!

In recent times I found it very helpful to ‘zoom out’ from living with diabetes, and focus on the bigger picture, as it were.  Doing this has served as a timely reminder that the world around me consists of so much more than diabetes.  For me, this is easy to forget when I work for a diabetes organisation, I volunteer for diabetes causes and I concentrate energy on staying fit and healthy which involves intensive diabetes management strategies.

In July, 2012 I started the Oz Diabetes Online Community with two friends, Renza & Simon.  At around the same time, I knew I wanted to do more.  Have a greater impact.  Extend my reach.  Influence others on a larger scale.  I had no idea what to do so I turned to my local community.  I joined the Bellarine Business Women  (BBW) to be inspired and learn what others do to fulfil similar needs.  In December, 2012 I registered my very first business Consider It Done .  As an individual business, it is in it’s infancy.  I have two clients, a positive cash flow, a domain secured and logo designs in progress.   As a member of BBW I have achieved so much more that I ever expected.

Four months ago I was approached by fellow members of BBW to join the organising committee of the inaugural Health Fitness Wellbeing Expo for our local community.  (You can also find us on Facebook.)  We delivered the expo last Sunday 13 October and it was a huge success!  Nearly 50 local health practitioners ran trade displays.  Over 300 punters came through the door and were provided with opportunities to live healthier lives.  I MC’d on the main stage and witnessed 15 health practitioners share information about their business and talk about why they were passionate about helping others to lead better lives.  It was a not-for-profit event and we are donating all proceeds to the Bellarine Relay For Life event being held in a couple of weeks.

Group PhotoLeft to right:  Me,  Bettina Wren, (Bettina Wren Natropathy) Penny Tomkinson, (Step Into Life) Adrienne DAlessandro, (Ocean Grove Chinese Medicine) and Elicia Crook, (Ocean Grove Remedial Massage)

I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the day, but geeze I was left with a warm n fuzzy feeling!  In one event I was able to apply what I have learnt about running health-focused events over the past 16 years, and through my very own business, no less.  I had a positive impact on consumers and health practitioners across a broader scope than diabetes, however not to the exclusion of diabetes.

Live For a Purpose



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