Blue Light Discos and Chocolate Bars

aspen_bluelightdiscoMy daughter, Aspen went to her first Blue Light Disco this week!  The model has changed significantly compared to in my day but the objective remains the same.  After getting herself all dolled up she went off to school with her heart full of expectations.

New friends.  Music.  Dancing.


It got me thinking back to when I was that age.  I had been living with type 1 diabetes for about three years.  A friend through diabetes camps lived in country Victoria and a few times a year we’d visit each other.  I recall going to a Blue Light Disco with her and how our preparations were similar to Aspens, tinted with type 1 diabetes.

Snacks.  Night time long acting insulin.  Checking BG levels.

Having my friend with me made all the difference.  Finding a private place (which wasn’t the bathroom) to inject; we did that together.  Watching the clock for supper time; we did that together too.  Things got interesting when my friend pulled out a chocolate bar after supper and a night time injection.  My first thought was, “You must be low, lets sit down”.  But no, this was what her doctor had advised her to do; eat a small chocolate bar for every hour after she was awake after administering her long acting insulin.

That. Blew. My. Mind.

Chocolate… After dinner… Chocolate…

It was in an effort to prevent hypoglycemia.  The theory made sense based on the types of insulin we were using to manage our type 1 diabetes at the time.  What made it interesting was that my parents and I had never been told to do that.  We were of similar age, height, weight and fitness, we attended the same outpatients clinic and our parents took a similar approach to raising us with type 1 diabetes.

After that night my parents and I experimented with that method also.  We talked it through with my doctor and hatched a plan.  As with most things about managing type 1 diabetes, sometimes it worked and other times it didn’t.

Nevertheless, my point here is…

Peer-to-peer learning is an important part of life with type 1 diabetes.

Social media just makes it easier to find your tribe.


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