My name is Kim Henshaw. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1986 and manage it with an insulin pump, a CGMS and a LCHF way of eating. I have volunteered and worked for diabetes organisations since 1997 with a background in counselling, communication, health promotion and consumer & community engagement.

I co-founded the Oz Diabetes Online Community or OzDOC in 2012. I am the sole volunteer operator supported by a seven-strong team of volunteer moderators. As people with a connection to diabetes, we use Twitter to chat once a week. We share life experiences and personal insights to provide valuable peer support to one another. Check out @OzDiabetesOC and #OzDOC next time you visit the Twittersphere, or check out our page on Facebook.

1 type 1 is my blog. It captures the moments and thoughts in my life that are tinted with a shade of type 1 diabetes. Sometimes more challenging. Other times breathtaking. But always the raw and honest truth from my perspective. I intend to create awareness and connections to diabetes for those who are looking.

I do not provide clinical advice; I provide diabetes peer support.

I am not a diabetes health professional; I am a person living with type 1 diabetes.

This is my blog where I express my personal views and not those of any employer I work or volunteer for.

I want to be the 1 type 1 in my family.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Also hoping for a cure for T1! Nice to find your blog!

  2. Joe Griffiths says:

    Hey Kim, could you please drop me an email to say hi? I’d love to talk to you in further detail about some diabetic content I’m putting together. joe AT vouchercodespro dot co dot uk


    Joe x

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