Monday Message

And Lets kick off the week by talking about why we are here, in the diabetes blog space. What is the most important diabetes awareness message to you? Why is that message important for you, and what are you trying to accomplish by sharing it on your blog?



Insert apology here… I know I’m a few days late but I am super keen to be part of DBlog week again ūüôā

This morning I received a notification that I started my blog, 1 Type 1 exactly four years ago today. ¬†My reasons for blogging¬†were very different back then, (and I may have still giggled when I heard people say, “blogging” because it just sounded so weird!) ¬†In these four years my experience with and perspective of the diabetes online community, (DOC) has evolved.

In recent times the Oz Diabetes Online Community  , (OzDOC) has reminded of the value of learning from others. Even as I typed that last sentence I acknowledge how ridiculously rudimentary it sounds.  However, it was only after I was able to participate in chats again that this became apparent.  For over a year I was operating OzDOC by myself.  This meant that I planned the topics, engineered the questions and moderated the chat every week, (and took care of a whole lot of other bizzo in between).  I got so used to sitting in the drivers seat that I forgot why you boarded the tour bus as a passenger.  I was absolutely committed to providing the forum for the OzDOC community to be a hub of diabetes peer support but I forgot that I needed and wanted to be part of that interaction too.  I wanted to share my story and have positive impact on the lives of others with diabetes.

Thankfully there are eight people who are willing and able to help run our weekly chats now.  They are Andy , Ashley , Bruno  , Frank , Glen ,  Jenna , Sophie and Tony .  I owe them a lot.  Their dedication to our community means that we all get to participate; to give and receive diabetes peer support.  This happens in many forms but the one that is most important to me is the sharing of experiences to enhance knowledge, understanding and empathy of life with diabetes.

So I’m here to continue to share my story thought blogging again. ¬†(Insert childish giggle here!)

My thoughts.  My views.  My experiences.  My feelings.


The ABC’s of diabetes & OzDOC

OzDOC LogoLast week I moderated the Oz Diabetes Online Twitter chat, more commonly referred to as the #OzDOC Hour of Power!¬† (A Twitter chat affords Twitter users the opportunity to engage in conversation with each other and usually emerges from a new community that gathers around a particular subject.¬† For us it simply is diabetes.)¬† When it is my turn to moderate¬†I like to have a bit of fun every now and again.¬† I’ve been known to mimic popular game show hosts and keep it entertaining while providing an opportunity for people affected by diabetes to connect online.¬† So this time around we played the ‘ABC’s of Diabetes’.¬†¬†From the OzDOC handle, I tweeted the letters of the alphabet and participants were asked to respond with the first diabetes-related word that came to mind.¬† You can access the full transcript of this chat here.¬† So here is the first response to each letter…

A = Alcohol – keep in mind I am a mother to a T1 teen

B = Basal and bolus (I awarded bonus points  for that one!)

c = D-camps (The tweeter was referring to the Diabetes Camps a lot of us are involved in)

D = Drudgery

E = Empathy

F = Friendship

G = Guidance

H = Hope

I = Insidious

J = Journey

K = Ketone

L = Love as in DLove (which I often hash tag as #dlove)

M = Mother

N = Never-ending

O = Ownership

P = Persistence

Q = Questions

R = Reality

S = Support

Insert bonus tweet here from someone who combined the letters S and T to come up with “Type shaming”.

T = Tests, endless tests

U = Understanding

V = Victory

W = Wisdom

X = X Factor – you’ve all got it

Y = YOU – all of you

Z = Zzzzzzz, there’s never enough of them with D

What I found most comforting was that there was very little ‘medical chat’; most of the words focused on or represented the people, the connections, the feelings… what matter most to those of us that live with diabetes every day.¬† That is why I am active on social media.¬† Not for medical advice, but for diabetes peer support.¬† A giggle here, a virtual hug there… it’s what gets me through battles with the ‘diabetes beast’.¬† Check this website out for an example of how our chat could have gone… but didn’t!

Here are a few other personal highlights from this particular chat;

РOne of our participants, @TetheredExpat was tweeting from the back of a taxi in Guangzhou, China.  Apparently using 3G and VPN can break through any fire wall!

– Cupcakes and¬†coffee¬†were mentioned; the universal Diabetes Online Community foods.¬† Please don’t ask why because I have know idea!

Р@RenzaS and @Sophie_Maxwell felt the need to use the fbomb when we got to the letter F.  The beautiful thing was that no one corrected them or told them off.  I imagine that was because we were all thinking the same thing.  However, as the moderator I did have to put them in the naughty corner for a little bit!

–¬†@shootinstarslou freaks herself out with Dr Google!¬† I labelled that the tweet of the night by far.

– There were several tweets dedicated to regular participants who weren’t there on the night, including #dwingman @ashiekitty and #80smusictragic @STroyCrow

– @CoastCath outdid herself with the speed, wit¬†and tenacity at which she tweeted her responses… some may say that she rehearsed it!

All in all it was a great chat and I strongly encourage anyone connected with diabetes to #lurk or #spy just once.¬† Our Twitter chat happens every Tuesday night at 8:30pm AEDT for one hour.¬† All you need is a Twitter account; you don’t have to be an active user.¬† Who knows what might happen.¬† You might just find yourself some #dlove.